Sunday, January 24, 2010

I Am Extremely Lazy

I must apologise to everyone for my extreme laziness of late. I realise I have not updated this thing in over 3 months now and it's pretty clear to me that I won't be getting around to doing so anytime in the near future. I now have only 5 weeks left in my contract now, after which I will be spending 2 solid months ripping up the Asian continent. With my planning for said trip already in full swing, it seems likely that I will not get around to updating this thing again before I leave. I apologise for this long hiatus but I will make my best efforts to update you all on my last few months in Korea as well as the highlights of my Asian extravaganza upon my return to Canada.
Until then, peace and love to everyone.

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  1. We'd all appreciate least you're living up to your name...